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How do I keep my Silsaal jewelry beautiful for the longest time?

All Silsaal jewelry is made of stainless steel, a strong material of high quality. Our gold-colored jewelry has a base of stainless steel with an 18K gold plating on top. The layer of gilded gold is extra protected by a special E-coating. The plating / color of the jewelry can fade over time. How quickly this happens depends on several factors:

Contact with water, moisture, perfume, oil, cosmetics and chemical products such as cleaning agents can affect the material and eventually lead to discoloration.

The acidity of the skin, which differs per person (and is influenced by, among other things, diet, alcohol consumption, medication use and perspiration), can affect the material, causing jewelry to discolour.

Therefore, take off your jewelry if you:
  • want to put on perfume, make-up and other care products.
  • goes to sleep, so the jewelry does not come into unnecessary contact with the acidity of your skin and you prevent damage and deformations.
  • take a shower, swim or exercise.
  • cleaning or doing heavy work.
Always store your jewelry in the Silsaal pouch and box.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs are free with us within the Netherlands! This shipping option is with Track & Trace. For more information you can click here .

How long does it take before I receive my package?

Orders are shipped within 1 to 2 business days. As soon as your order has been registered with PostNL or DHL, you will receive a Track & Trace code to track your order.

Can I return my package?

Yes you can! You can easily return your package. Click here to read how to return your package.